Thursday, June 23, 2011

9 Thing U Need To Know About Me...... ( part 1 )

  1. I don't like waiting, it will get me bored with you.
     2. In maths I like problem solving method better than formula.

     3. When u look I'm doing something 'important' please don't disturb me, you spoil my              mood.

     4. I love noisy people at home, it cheer the house, but don't ever do that when i study.

     5. I'm know i'm a messy people, but usually when i want to study i love to look                        everything more 'clean'.

     6. I'm not a stingy people, but make sure before u touch my thing u have my                          permission, I'm sorry because i cannot tolerate with that.

     7. If i angry with you, with one word of 'sorry' i can forgive you.

     8. I'm usually a forgetful person, so, if i'm own you something or what ever, please                  remind me back, will be glad to you, thank you.

      9. I'm usually don't to think problem as a problem so, I can solve it with my normal                   mind, maybe because of that people misjudge me a bit un-serious person.

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