Friday, June 6, 2014

I'M sick of it~

First, the most favourite question:

"Kenapa nak tukar kursus?"

Answer: oh, saya memang minat math. Errrr, minat bukan sebab ke?? need to explain further??

Continue with:

"Kenapa dulu tak mohon math?"

Answer: makcik saya mohon math dulu, tapi pilihan ke-3, and rather than I'm blame others, let                    just say yes, sometimes people make mistake and it okay to realize it now than never.


"oh, tak boleh bawak ye dietetik?"

Answer: Sorry saya amik NUTRITION, bukan DIETITION, tak sama ye and takde kena mengena dengan MEDIC! Yes, maybe I'm not an excellent student, but I'm not a total failure. my REAL ANALYSIS result is much terrible than all of my Nutrition subject result.


"Kenapa tunggu DUA tahun baru nak tukar, kenapa awal-awal tak mau tukar?"

Answer: Ada banyak sebab sebenarnya, but doesn't it show that, at least, I'm trying untie!
             yes, I'm psyco myself, nutriton is interesting~interesting~ I don't need number~
             lecture seriously awesome, never once make me sleepy ~~~~~~~Uwaaaahhhh

After that:

"Tak rasa membazir ke dua tahun tu?"

Answer: Tak, dua tahun tu saya belajar sesuatu, bukannya buat benda sia-sia,
             makcik tau tak kita boleh angarkan ketinggian guna tangan atau kaki?,
             apa tu BMI, BMR?, macam mana nak apply?
             berapa banyak kita boleh makan untuk maintain normal BMI?,
             macam mana nak kira kalori intake?

Cakap dalam hati:

Okay, saya tau makcik tak puas hati, with my answer.

But auntie, my life seriously have nothing to do with U,
First, I'm not your daughter.
Second, I'm not your daughter in law, or future daughter in law,
Third, you not even my biological auntie anyway...

Seriously, my life change 360 degree after that,
I have no regret at all.
I'm happy and totally enjoy everything.
I'm have very supportive PA.
I'm take all my favourite subject without restriction, (yeah, since I'm have a lot of free time)
Let, just say everything become perfect, Yes, again~hihi

"We are future Mathematician, Yes, we are awesome, We know that need to mention" ha~ha~ha~ha~ha~ 

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