Saturday, March 26, 2011


today i hear someone say,,,,,"today we don't need umbrella coz it sun-day"
hahahahhahaaaa ;D
i have a problem that sometimes i really cannot control my anger,,,,,maybe sometimes it make people around me hurt much,,,,,
people usually though that i'm not much care about wat people talk about me,,,,but actually i care,,,,,but because not to make the it awkward,,,,then i just let it be,,,,sory but i'm not always can control it,,,,,just like time bomb, when the time up it will explode,,,,,BOOMMMM!!!!!(too much side effect,,,,,hahahahahaha)
so, when the time come i might hurt much people,,,,,

i sory to say maybe because of some or many of my history sometimes it make me think that people around didn't care about my existence,,,, so,,,that why when i angry i'm not care much what happen coz i didn't see people will be effect to anything that happen to me,,,,,i think that i'm transparent,,,,

i'm sorry if i'm wrong,,,it might hurt u too much,,,,,but that history teach me how to prevent myself from getting hurt,,,,,but sometimes it hurt me too,,,,,,,

u want to know what more history teach me,,,, it teach me not to trust people easily, it teach me to become stubborn, it teach me to become evil,it teach me people come to me bcoz i got some benefit then when i dont have anything they throw me away, it teach me in my life nobody can understand me,,,,,it teach me to become selfish,,,,,that what history teach me,,,,

back then i trust all my friend,,,,,by the the time it getting harder and harder,,,,

It does not concern either the living or the dead,if it hurt anybody i'm trully sorry, thanks coz read^^

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