Friday, November 12, 2010


Yesterday, i watch 1 movie that really touching my name HACHIKO. it not a story about food or romance or triller or ghost story that is sometimes ridicules to me but it about one special and unique DOG  . actually my friend suggest us to watch THE DEAD PLACE but u know i'm not too brave, i'm choose to watch movie alone at the same time them. the girl at the ticket counter say it only 2 movie at the same time wit the movie that my friend watch which is 'skyline' and 'hachiko'....hehehe...i'm do no why i choose it, my friend also laugh at me ' what u want to watch a movie about dog??' but it fine i'm really satisfied wit it, and never once regret about it...
it was a sad story actually, about a very faithful dog to his owner, it wait it owner till it dead which is about 9 year...amazing real story actually it happens in Japan long time ago...there is one statues of Hachiko at shibuya station in japan...
picture 1: real hachiko
picture 2 : hachi movie poster

picture 2 : hachiko statues

 to know more about hachiko you can search at this link: 

when watch story about animal sometimes it make me think that animal is more faithful than human what do think??

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